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Texas Home Detox: The great state of Texas

Texas Detox at Home

A Texas Detox at Home has been in high demand in 2021. A number of EHD nurses have traveled to the great state of Texas to provide a one-one Private Duty Registered Nurse experience. Executive Home Detox currently has six RN’s licensed and capable of assisting the client in the privacy of the client’s home.  Recent assignments have included Dallas, Houston, Austin and West Texas.

Texas Detox at Home: How this works

RN Onsite:  A private duty Registered Nurse comes to the home and stays with the client 24/7 for as long as the medical detox requires. The time frame often depends on the substance being used.  For example, an Alcohol detox is usually a minimum of five days. The RN monitors the withdrawal symptoms, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respirations and Pulse Oximetry. The RN holds all medication and dispenses the detox medications with a focus on comfort and safety. 

MD / Physician:  We always work with a physician who can prescribe the needed medication. We can use your physician / prescriber or we can access a physician in your area. EHD is fortunate to have access to highly regarded clinicians who can prescribe the appropriate medication, and more importantly, continue to see the client post detox if desired. 

Cost:    This service is designed to be private and free from outside influences. We do not take insurance. This is self-pay only. There is a daily (24 hour) fee for the private duty RN service in the home plus their travel expenses. The daily fee does not include physician fees.  

We have a specific page that addresses the steps to an in-home detox. These steps are pre-Covid. Our current process if very similar. You can review these steps here: 15 Steps to a Successful Home Detox.

Texas is the land of High School Football, the Cowboys, and the Texans. It’s also a state whose citizens often value privacy and convenience.  A Texas Detox at Home provides the client with this choice of privacy and convenience. EHD does not consider our care to be superior to an inpatient setting, we are different. We support the client’ choice to move toward health. 

EHD does not use a cookie cutter approach. We work with the client’s strength’s and suggest aftercare options that compliment those strengths. For some clients, local after care options will maintain sobriety, for others, a specialize rehab program is the best fit.

Executive Home Detox has provided private and confidential services in Dallas, Houston, Austin, West Texas, Galveston, Corpus Christi, The Woodlands, Conroe and consulted in San Antonio.  

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