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As Another Bill Sees it, Musings….

Sobriety for an alcoholic or addict is not possible without healthy connections.

Trust is a two-way street. We expect the person suffering from an addictive disease to be upfront about their use, to be truthful. We rarely ask ourselves, why should this person trust us to tell the truth? I believe most clients suffering from an active addictive disease have learned not to trust. I’m not saying it’s sensible, I’m just saying that’s the way it is.

Vigilance is a word most often used in the context of recovery. “We have to be vigilant because a drink or a drug is right around the corner”. When was the last time you heard the word “vigilant”? It’s really not used much. Go to a Self-Help meeting or talk with a counselor and you will probably hear the word on a regular basis.

Insidious is another word you usually hear only in the context of recovery. I’ll write about insidious another time.

Is it Alcoholic? Alcohol dependent? A problem with Alcohol? Drug user? Drug Abuser? Drug dependent? Addict? Chemically addictive? Chemically dependent? Lots of words and phrases to denote a similar syndrome. I think it speaks to the sensitivity each individual has in the labeling of their suffering.

Some programs demand that the client state they are an “alcoholic” or an “addict”. Executive Home Detox doesn’t make these demands, we are just gratified the client is reaching out for help.

More musings to come.

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