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Experience a Private Detox from Alcohol or Drugs

Executive Home Detox (EHD) is the premier at home drug and alcohol treatment program providing the ultimate level of discretion. A private detox with EHD is unmatched by any treatment service anywhere in the world. Undergoing drug or alcohol withdrawal is a serious medical condition – and requires a caring, competent, and qualified professional.


Alcohol dependence is a serious but treatable medical condition. We work with you in your home to provide a private, safe, medically supervised detox so you can have your life back. A supervised withdrawal from alcohol at home can be both comfortable and effective. We have seen this method work over and over again.


Executive Home Detox is an outpatient assisted private detox for alcohol or drug dependence. With an emphasis on comfort and flexibility, we tailor to:
  • Business Executives, Small Business Owners
  • Professionals’ or VIPs
  • Celebrities
  • Professional Athletes
  • Stay at Home Mothers and Fathers.
EHD’s Private Home Detox is an in-home alternative to inpatient alcohol or drug detoxification methods. Private, Convenient, Competent.


Executive Recovery Coach, our parent company, combines a medical detox program and a post detox recovery coaching program. Recovery Coaching is often the next step after a private home detox. Continue your recovery and integrate a holistic treatment plan into your everyday life.
Dear Visitor, Welcome to Executive Home Detox and Executive Recovery Coach: An exclusive and private detoxification and recovery service. It is our distinctive pleasure to invite you to explore our website and our private home detox service. When you or a family member are in the throes of alcohol dependence or drug dependence, EHD is an avenue to consider to improve your health. As someone who has maintained sobriety for over three decades, I know this very well. It is our privelege to help you address your unique needs in our tailored programs and support you every single step of the way. You can regain your life.
Moving toward health, William Carrick RN, MSN, CARN President Executive Home Detox Executive Recovery Coach

Discover the Executive Home Detox Difference

At EHD, we make a professional pledge to our clients and their loved ones that the power of alcohol dependence or drug dependence can be met with an equal force of healing and recovery. We promise to bring the latest science with experience and compassion in order to provide a private and effective detoxification service in the comfort your own home.

High End Alternative to Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab treatment programs can be very effective for many individuals. EHD often works in concert with many reputable programs. EHD can provide a home detox experience with a subsequent escort to an inpatient rehab program.  However, for some clients, issues of privacy, past trauma, convenience and lifestyle dictate the need for an alternative to a rehab program. Executive Home Detox offers an exclusive alternative to traditional inpatient rehab treatment services – this is apparent from the first time you contact EHD, to your first day of detox, and your lasting, enduring recovery.

EHD is the Leader in Premier at-Home Detox

EHD is the oldest and most comprehensive concierge level home detox program in the country. Our founder and president, Bill Carrick, along with the many partner physicians have decades of experience in helping our clients through our Private Home Detox.

The Home Alcohol Detox

The Home Alcohol Detox is the cornerstone of Executive Home Detox – EHD provides a safe, comfortable and private detox for those experiencing acute alcohol withdrawal. Because we believe excellent care is care that lasts, we also provide ongoing recovery services and coaching.

What is An Alcohol Home Detox?

During an Alcohol Home Detox, the Prescribing Physician and the Home Detox Nurse provide ongoing medical care. Our nursing experts stay with the client 24/7 while the client undergoes a detox in the comfort of their own home. It’s your home, so we come to you.

How to Detox From Alcohol at Home

Detoxing from alcohol at home can have many unforeseen symptoms including tremors, dry mouth, sleep disturbances, nighttime sweats and other concerning side effects. Managing these symptoms is best done under the observance of a registered nurse (RN). As part of EHD’s immersive world class service, you can undergo client-approved professional detox as part of an in-home service. We also strive to emphasize the importance of maintaining your sobriety following your private detox. We offer non-addictive advanced medications to combat cravings as well as executive recovery coaches to integrate your treatment into your day-to-day routine. Because we are an in-home service, we have a singular opportunity to understand the challenges in your personal life that an inpatient program would not have the luxury of seeing. This means an effective and complete detox that heals the link between environment and addiction.


We understand the importance of discretion, compassion, and excellence administered around the needs of your schedule. We offer private, in home, and effective detox throughout the United States in a variety of locations including California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, NYC, Texas, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Florida. Our clinical staff is licensed to provide care in most U.S. States.


Our clinical staff is licensed to provide care in most U.S. States. Please check the accompanying map.

Get the Support and Resources YOU Need

EHD has a vast network of resources for you or a family member to explore as you navigate your detox and recovery. A private detox with EHD is unmatched by any treatment service anywhere in the world. Our excellent service has led to successful detox from alcohol, opiates and other drugs. Clients willing to follow our post detox recommendations find sobriety that lasts. Undergoing drug or alcohol withdrawal is a serious medical condition – and requires a caring, competent, and qualified professional. We take pride in offering these outstanding services tailored to the specific needs of business and other professionals like you.



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