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What Physicians and Therapists Say About EHD

Clinician Reviews

Bill brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, perspective and patience to his unique service for individuals seeking to begin or resume their recovery in a non-institutional setting (their own home). It takes a lot of tact, stamina, courage & commitment to do what Bill does–and he does it awesomely. His service is unique and requires his total immersion in the one-on-one care of his patients and their families for days & weeks at a time. I wish we had resources like Bill in every community. Bill is the consummate Addiction Treatment professional, a powerful intervention and treatment resource, and a pleasure to work with. As an Internal Medicine & Addiction Medicine specialist who has provided VIP healthcare for over 11 years, I can recommend Bill Carrick and Executive Home Detox most highly.” – Concierge Medicine Provider, Florida


“I have known and worked with Bill since 1992. He is a remarkable man. He has that special combination of qualities including intelligence, an ultra-quick mind, empathy, and ability to motivate and bring out the best in others. He is a born healer and leader. I highly recommend his services to any individual or organization wanting to improve.” – Nicholas Kletti, M.D


“Bill Carrick did a wonderful job providing 24-hour nursing care, medication administration with excellent records, and psychological support during an at-home detoxification with a client who was medically challenging…. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would have no hesitation to do so again in the future.” – California Addictions Physician


“I have worked closely with Bill and Executive Home Detox. We participated in a successful medical detox in the comfort of the clients home. We worked jointly with the client to set up an aftercare plan to sustain the client’s recovery. Bill was personable, professional, competent, and communicative. His knowledge of addictions, medication, and detox was very beneficial. ” – Russ Jones, Sober Advisor


“William was directly involved with me in the care of some mutual higher profile clients. He provided exceptional monitoring and nursing support, making my job as a physician much easier and facilitating a safe and effective detox experience for the clients. His knowledge base and experience are well above average for a nurse in this field. His services really open many effective options to clients that are unable to proceed with traditional treatment modalities. I would go so far as to say that the level and degree of his one on one patient monitoring well exceeds that which is received by most patients in most inpatient treatment centers.” – Addiction Physician Recommendation

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