Dry Mouth and Alcohol

Dry mouth is often a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Yesterday I blogged about the first signs of alcohol withdrawal. The blog focused on craving and tremors. Another sign that may accompany craving and tremors may be a mouth that’s dry. Waking up in the morning or after a prolonged nap with a “cotton mouth” may be related to the amount of alcohol a person is consuming.

This symptom and alcohol consumption are related. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly, a dentist, has blogged about this issue:

“There are several causes of dry mouth. Drinking alcohol, especially in any kind of quantity, will definitely give you dry mouth. Have you ever gone to bed after drinking a solid amount of booze? You woke up with severe dry mouth, didn’t you?”

The National Institute of Health cites the correlation between in its page related to Alcoholic Liver Disease.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom

Dry mouth, after ingesting a significant amount of alcohol, is a result of the redistribution of fluids in the body. It is a sign that the person is dehydrated and signals the person to drink water or other fluids that will replenish the body. Consistently having this condition related to alcohol intake is also a sign of problem drinking. We suggest the person experiencing this condition on a consistent basis listen to their body and consider cutting back on their alcohol intake or consider stopping altogether.