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Frequently Asked Questions about Private At-Home Alcohol Detox

What is an Alcohol Home Detox?

EHD’s Private Alcohol Home Detox is the cornerstone of the services that we offer. We come to you – in your home or other setting to provide the most exclusive and private home detox in the industry. EHD is the leader in medically supervised Alcohol Home Detox and our clinicians have decades of experience helping our patients with Alcohol Withdrawal and on going Alcohol recovery.

Read our 15 Steps to a Home Detox.

How Should I Detox from Alcohol at Home?

The first thing to remember about detoxing from Alcohol at Home is to not be alone. Always seek the assistance of a medical professional. Please see our article about How to Detox at Home from Alcohol.

Why is Alcohol Withdrawal so Dangerous?

Alcohol withdrawal is very dangerous. It is dangerous because patients can experience seizures and other medical complications when they stop drinking. ALWAYS seek medical attention if you plan to undergo this process.

How long is an Alcohol Home Detox?

The acute phases of Alcohol Detox can last up to five days. The Home Detox Nurse stays with the client 24 hours per day during this period. There are many options for ongoing recovery. During the process we always confer with our Home Detox physician during the acute phases of detox and continue to consult with this physician for  support and lasting recovery options.

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