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The Home Detox Physician

The Detox Physician: The Clinical Leader

Executive Home Detox always works with a qualified physician. EHD assists the physician by providing expert private duty nursing services for alcohol detoxification or opiate detoxification. The Physician is the de-facto leader of the clinical team overseeing this medical detox and the overall care of the client. The detox physician is responsible for prescribing the appropriate medication to manage the alcohol or opiate withdrawal that results from dependency.

The Detox Physician: The Client’s own Physician

The Physician may be the client’s own physician. The client’s own Primary Care Practitioner, Internist, or Psychiatrist is often the physician who prescribes the needed medication for an effective and comfortable detoxification. The Client’s physician is often the person who contacts Executive Home Detox in order to arrange for the assistance of an expert private duty nurse.

The client’s physician may or may not be an “expert” in addiction or drug dependency. For those physician’s not “expert” in this field, EHD can offer basic suggestions related to appropriate medication protocols to treat the potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol and opiate dependency.

The Detox Physician: A Highly Qualified Consultant

The physician overseeing the medical detox may be a recruited expert. It is not uncommon for the client to request EHD recruit a physician. Reasons the client may make this request include:

  • The client doesn’t have a physician
  • The client is friends with his or her physician and is uncomfortable using their physician
  • The client is unhappy with his or her physician
  • EHD recruits physicians in a number of ways.
    • A known qualified detox physician: EHD has worked with physicians in over 30 states. EHD has a network of physicians willing to assist with an outpatient detox. Many have a specialty in addictions treatment  and withdrawal management.
    • An ASAM affiliated physician. ASAM stands for American Society for Addiction Medicine. Physicians affiliated or Certified by ASAM have demonstrated an interest in working with this clientele and most have expertise in the area of addictions and dependency.
    • A local or regional physician who has demonstrated an expertise in addictions or dependency.

EHD  makes every effort to recruit the best possible physician available to oversee the medical detox.

The Detox Physician and EHD: A Great Partnership

Physicians invariably remark about the positive partnership they feel with Executive Home Detox. EHD works collaboratively with the detox physician and EHD advocates a strong relationship with a focus on communication. The private duty nurse will accompany the client to the physician’s office, arrange for a home visit, or arrange for a Video-Conference call. Follow up communications include phone calls, emails, texts, video-conference or return office visits.

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