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Resources for Addiction and Home Detox Support

Government-Sponsored Sites

Treatment Programs

There are many reputable treatment programs available for addiction support. The treatment programs below are programs EHD is familiar with.

Self-Help Groups

Executive Home Detox does not mandate or require clients to use self-help groups for addiction support. EHD does support their use whenever a client is willing to use this ‘treatment tool’. Self Help groups, for the right person, can mean the difference between sustaining sobriety and relapse.

Recovery Chat Rooms

There are quite an array of recovery chat rooms. We suggest investigating at least three sites prior to making any decisions about joining a specific chat room.

Medication Related Sites

Executive Home Detox supports the use of medication assisted recovery. Data is clear that medication assisted recovery works best when used with both individual and group therapy/self help groups. The following are sites sponsored by the makers of these medications. Please take that into consideration when reviewing these sites.

Samhsa Buprenorphine Provider Locator: Find information about Suboxone, find doctors willing to prescribe Suboxone.

Vivitrol is the monthly injectable form of Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist, that is approved to decrease alcohol urges and is being trialed to determine if it is effective against opiate urges.

Antabuse (Disulfuram) is meant as an alcohol deterrent. It is a medication designed to cause unpleasant side effects, including vomiting, if a person takes alcohol while taking Antabuse.


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