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About EHD: The Best In-Home Treatment for Private Alcohol and Drug Detox

We invite you to learn more about Executive Home Detox, a high quality, concierge level in-home treatment program, for alcohol and opiate detox. And the first program of its kind to offer this level of care throughout most of the United States. This treatment model is a necessity for many clients who recognize that they require medical supervision, but cannot access care at the usual hospitals or rehab program. EHD is a world class alternative to inpatient treatment for alcoholism. At EHD we treat our private home detox patients with professional skills and compassion.

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The Private Home Detox Treatment Model

Executive Home Detox is the only alcohol and drug home detox treatment program to offer private 24-hour, 7-day-a-week on-site expert home detox nurse supervision anywhere and anytime. This unique treatment model focuses on the client and meets the client wherever he or she lives. Executive Home Detox has been in operation for fifteen years and has provided expert private duty nursing treatment to clients throughout most of the United States.

For over 35 years, EHD’s Bill Carrick has successfully treated alcohol and drug addictions. His proven, seasoned, one-on-one private home detox treatment program has benefited male executives, female executives, business owners, parents, celebrities, athletes and young adults.

Many clients want to keep their business private, want minimal and confidential records kept about their care, and want the comfort and convenience of a home detox or a comfortable alternative detox. EHD is the solution for this client.

Evidence Based Treatment is derived from standards and experience in the detoxification field. EHD bases the private home detox treatment options on standards associated with the American Society of Addiction Medicine, The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Executive Home Detox: How it Began

Executive Home Detox was founded after its president, William Carrick, participated in a joint initiative with the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. This initiative, the Network for Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NiaTx), encouraged ways to improve the delivery of alcohol and drug detox treatment services and to eliminate barriers to treatment access.

William Carrick was convinced there were people suffering from the use and misuse of alcohol and other substances that wanted help but felt conventional care was a barrier to their treatment.

EHD was created to remove the barriers to drug and alcohol detox treatment programs associated with discretion, privacy, and convenience.

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