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Client Reviews: A Private Detox in the Comfort of their Home

How We Save Lives: In Our Client’s Own Words

*Names have been changed to protect client privacy.

“I wanted to let you know what a blessing this service was for us. Everyone was so extremely helpful and amazing from the start.

I was skeptical because you just don’t know what you are going to get with any service you find online, but we were very happy to see that this was the best service that could have been provided to my husband.

Our doctor also really thinks highly of your company and everyone involved and he is very conservative. 😊

We have a plan moving forward that will hopefully be a lifelong plan of success.”  — Anonymous, November 2023


“Thank you so much for your very kind help with the withdrawal. I am happy to say it has been a full month and I feel wonderful. Best regards.”  — Rosemary, LA


“During the most difficult time in our life, you provided a service that no one else was able to no matter how much money we were willing to spend. The director of one of the top facilities in this country finally gave me your card when I broke down crying in her office that there was nothing that would work for my husband. I felt so lost. I believe you saved my husband and our family life together. All of this was done in a private, caring and compassionate manner that put us all at ease in an otherwise very difficult situation. I hope that other families are able to work with you with the same success. We send you our very best wishes so that you may do for others what you have done for our family!”  — Victoria


“Quite simply, you saved my life.”   — Jack, New York


“When I met Bill (Chief clinician for EHD), I was on more fentanyl than any rehab would accept, afraid of treatment because I am not a drug addict and not open to meeting medical professionals. He lived with me for 6 weeks in the detox and he really was compassionate and helpful with a vast medical understanding while being accommodating. I don’t think I could have gotten off fentanyl without the aid of Bill and I would have died at 21 from prescribed medicine. I strongly believe I could not have done this without him and he is fully capable of detoxing anyone, anywhere.”  — Lawrence, Texas


“Thank you seems insufficient. Who knew detoxing could be such a nice time and involve meeting my “new friend”. Thank you for everything.”  — Frank, Florida


“Quick update on us: we are in a very different place than when you last were here. Ross reached 1 year of sobriety last week — probably the best mother’s day gift I could receive. Ross started a new job in September and it is going very well. I have been working steadily as well since last November. We are starting to put the pieces back together and I am more hopeful for the future now. As you know, it has been a difficult journey and I still panic sometimes that the bottom could fall out at any time — but those feelings come on less frequently now — which is a good thing. Also fyi, Ross had a personal loss in November. It was a difficult time for all of us and I feared that the event could be a trigger for Ross to relapse — but he remained strong throughout. I am very proud of him.”  — Kate


“Dear Bill, — How can I express my gratitude for your intervention in my life? You truly did save me from a “potential abyss”. I’m not sure how much longer I could have gone on in the state I was in. My husband had kept me afloat as long as possible but we were both going down in rapid fashion. Learning of you and EHD was a “Godsend” for both of us. — Your phone calls with me before we met provided the encouragement I needed to move forward. Still, the thought of sobriety seemed daunting. I expected the professional and caring way that you would managed my detox, but the therapy and counsel was an added bonus in my mind. Now I understand that is all part of your treatment that you customize for your clients. By the time that you were about to leave, I felt that sobriety could be achieved by me. Not only achieved, but what I desired! For me personally there have only been a handful of times that I’ve truly turned my difficulty over to God. This was one of them. Thank you Bill. With my warmest appreciation.  PS: The banter and laughter we shared was great fun!!”  — Barbara.


“I contacted Executive Recovery in December 2009. I had a relapse after several years of sobriety and was very quickly losing everything I held dear. I had gone into a hospital detox in the past and, frankly the prospect of doing that again was a major factor in my continued drinking. I found Bill through the website for executive recovery and took a chance. I needed help and I knew I could not continue for long at the pace I was going. Bill was kind and professional. He immediately looked for a flight and was with me within 24 hours. Not only did I receive a comfortable detox, I also was able to get sound, non-judgmental counsel on how to begin rebuilding my life. I have been through a treatment program before and I learned much more about myself in one week with Bill than in 30 days of treatment. Bill truly cares about his patient’s well being and Executive Recovery followed through on all of their promises. I would recommend his service to anyone who wants to beat addiction.”  — Julian

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