Private Alcohol Detox

Executive Home Detox was created to address specific barriers to treatment. A barrier we hear about, almost daily, is “privacy”. A Private Alcohol Detox can mean the difference between accessing treatment or continuing to drink and suffer. Consequently, EHD provides a very private alcohol detox in the comfort of one’s home. This treatment model ia ideal for the client that wants help, but is hesitant to access treatment because he or she doesn’t want others to know of their need for detox.

How Private is Executive Home Detox?

Our model is quite possibly the most private treatment available. The only people who need to be aware of the detox are the client, the EHD nurse, and the prescribing clinician. As a result, no one else needs to know there is a medical detoxification process happening.  One nurse stays with the client 24/7 for as long as the detox requires. There is no revolving door of nurses and other clinicians. One nurse stays with the client from beginning to end.

What else makes EHD the most Private Alcohol Detox available?

We go to great lengths to make the detox experience private. Our website does not have any pictures of it’s nurses on the site, therefore, our nurses cannot be identified with a home detox company. EHD has never divulged a client’s name or client list. Our nurses have posed as family members or old friends instead of being introduced as a treatment provider.

EHD does not take insurance and does not communicate with insurance providers. EHD can take cash, personal check, a wire transfer or other modes of payment. In addition, a check may be made out to a non descript company for privacy concerns

Does EHD always recommend Privacy?

Finally, a Private Alcohol Detox at home is standard when working with EHD. Many clients require a very high degree of privacy. We will abide by the client’s wishes, however there may be times EHD recommends the client be less private. Our philosophy of care supports privacy but also suggests the client build a support system of friends, family and treaters when possible.