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Executive Home Detox for Women

Case Study 3: Detox of a Separated Mother of Six

Belinda is a 40 year old separated female. She is the mother of six children ranging in ages 8 years to 25 years. She is independently wealthy and does not need to work. She has been using cocaine and heroin for the past ten years. Belinda does not want to utilize inpatient treatment due to fears her separated husband will use the stigma of addiction treatment against her. She also “hates being cooped up”.

Belinda agreed to a ten day opiate home detox. She and the Executive Home Detox Nurse met with an ASAM Based Detox Physician and a ten day detox using suboxone was planned and implemented.

Belinda had attempted to detox on her own in the past and felt positive that her private duty addictions nurse could help her manage her medications and maintain a clear communication with the prescribing doctor. Belinda received comfort medications the first 48 hours while suboxone induction took place. Comfort medications included a benzodiazepine, anti-spasmodics, and over the counter pain medication. She responded very well to the suboxone and was successfully detoxed from opiates in the ten day time frame. She fully ceased her cocaine use during this time as well.

The EHD nurse remained with Belinda an additional two days to assess any rebound withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, an aftercare plan was created that included individual therapy; follow up psychiatric care, and an early recovery group.

*Names and specific identifying information for Women’s Case Study 3 have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

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