Code of Ethics Statement

Executive Home Detox and Executive Recovery Coach is a private corporation focused on high quality fully immersive care and private duty nursing. EHD and ERC value a collaborative approach to patient care and often collaborates with physicians, therapists, counselors and treatment programs. We are a separate legal entity from anyone else involved in the care of clients.
EHD and ERC never engages in “patient brokering”, “fee splitting” or “percentage-based fee arrangements” with other clinicians, programs, interventionists or referral sources. We do not receive any financial compensation or “payment kickbacks” when we refer to other clinicians and treatment centers. Both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association consider the practices of “fee splitting” or “percentage-based fee arrangements” unethical because they undermine patient trust among other reasons. “Fee splitting” occurs when a patient is referred by one doctor, clinician or treatment program to another in return for a portion of the fee that the referring entity receives for treating the client. A client should be able to rely on his or her treaters to make referrals based only on the skill and quality of the clinician to which the patient is being referred.
EHD and ERC also encourage clients to access care they can afford as opposed to care that may cause financial hardship.

EHD and ERC may provide professional consultation to a select number of clinicians and programs and receives what is considered reasonable and customary fees for this professional support.
William Carrick, EHD, and ERC have no financial ties to pharmaceutical or device companies, treatment facilities, or diagnostic centers.