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EHD table at the ASAM 2024 Conference

EHD at the 2024 ASAM Conference

Executive Home Detox exhibits at ASAM 2024 — Executive Home Detox® had the good fortune of exhibiting at the American Society of Addiction Medicine Conference (ASAM). The ASAM conference was held April 4th to April 7th in Dallas, Texas this…

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Alcohol Detox at Home

Alcohol Detox at Home Alcohol detox at home can range from a simple uncomplicated process to a life threatening medical event. When a person experiences the signs and symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal, the person should seek medical guidance and supervision.…

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Antabuse Antabuse (Disulfiram) is a medication that some people in recovery take to help them stay away from Alcohol. This medication is considered aversive treatment because it makes a person violently ill if they drink alcohol while they are on…

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The first signs of alcohol withdrawal

The First Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal can encompass many signs and symptoms. A full list of Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be found on the EHD site. But what are the first signs of alcohol withdrawal a person may…

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Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe?

Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? A medically supervised Alcohol Home Detox can be safe especially when supervised onsite in the home by a qualified registered nurse. A medically supervised alcohol home detox with an on-site expert…

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