Not Leaving Las Vegas

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The film starring Nicholas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas, about a chronic alcoholic who makes a decision to drink himself to death is a lasting impression about Las Vegas, Nevada and the futility of alcohol treatment. I’m not leaving Las Vegas, in fact I am going to Las Vegas! Going to Las Vegas to assist an individual with a private home detox, he has made a serious decision to change their life. Las Vegas is a land of dreams, opportunities, and temptations. More so than many communities in the United States. Temptations, including drugs and alcohol, often become the mainstream rather … Read More

Texas Home Detox: The great state of Texas

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Texas Home Detox I flew into the great state of Texas late last night. The land of High School Football, the Cowboys, and the Texans. A gentleman requested an alcohol home detox in the hopes he can attend a rehab program by mid week. I arrived at this man’s home by 11pm, assessed the client’s status, communicated with his physician, and we began a medically supervised detox. So far so good. Our current client has decided he needs a residential rehab after this medical detox. He has a history of falling off the wagon en route to treatment so we … Read More

Day of travel

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I will be traveling Saturday, first to the Florida area assisting a client going from point A to point B, and onward to the great state of Texas. A client in Texas is making a good choice to curb his chronic alcoholism by getting into a highly reputable rehab program. He has requested an alcohol home detox prior to committing to the rehab program. The client is on board, the prescribing physician is on board, the rehab program is on board. It looks like good things will be happening.