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Executive Home Detox Team

Our Home Detox Team Consists of Addiction Specialists Including: a Physician, Private in Home Detox Nurses, and a Sober Companion

The detox team knows how alcoholism, addiction, and recovery feel.

About Our Detox Team Members:

Outpatient Detox Physicians

EHD collaborates with the client’s physician or accesses an expert physician (offend with an ASAM accreditation) in the community where the client lives. We have working relationships with many Home Detox physicians throughout the United States. We are used to accessing physicians quickly to accommodate timely care.

It is extremely important that the prescribing Detox physician is involved with any medical drug and alcohol detox treatment. He or she is the clinical leader of the detox team. A physician is required to prescribe medical detox medications, comfort medications, and medications that help prevent relapse from addiction.

A physician or qualified nurse practitioner is highly recommended as an ongoing member of the treatment team that will assist the client to remain sober. EHD recommends the access of a Primary Care Practitioner or a Concierge Physician when a client does not already have a primary physician.

The added contribution of our Qualified Detox Physician is essential to a private and successful home detox and recovery.

In Home Detox Nurses

A private duty registered nurse is on site with the client from the beginning to the end of the medical detox. One qualified and expert nurse stays with the client in the client’s home to provide the safest and most comfortable nurse home detox possible. The founder of EHD is often the first contact and can answer questions prospective clients and family members have. In addition, EHD has eight nurse associates available as members of the detox team to assist in a home detox when necessary.

The relationship between the Detox MD or DO and the Detox Nurse is critical to the work that EHD does. We are proud to report that we maintain the highest level of professionalism and collaboration with our prescribing Physicians. Confidentiality and an appreciation for privacy is at the forefront of these care providers.

Team Administrator

Bill Carrick RN, MSN, CARN has managed drug and alcohol addiction treatment for thousands of individuals. He has been a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse since 2008.  Mr. Carrick is often the administrative team leader of the detox team. He has more than 35 years of recovery from alcohol and substance use and benefits from the support of his son and wife of 38+ years.

Mr. Carrick and all detox team members pride themselves on competent, private, and confidential treatment.

Addiction Specialists

EHD collaborates with the current therapist or attempts to locate and set up a qualified addictions specialist for the client prior to discharge. The specialist is often qualified through education and certifications. Examples of qualified addictions specialists include psychologists (PhD’s, M.Ed’s), social workers (LiCSW’s), licensed alcohol and drug counselors (LADC’s), and others.

We will screen, upon request, potential addiction specialists to ensure a “good fit” for the client. We often accompany the client to the first therapy appointment to promote continuity of care.

Sober Companions

EHD utilizes therapeutic companions, sober companions and sober coaches as support when appropriate. Sober companions may be utilized during the medical detox as added support or may be utilized on a short- or long-term basis after the detox to assure sobriety. EHD has a small core group of trusted and vetted therapeutic companions and a healthy working relationship with a number of Sober Companion providers on the East Coast and West Coast. 

Self Help Groups

Although EHD has an established a 15 Step Home Detox Program, our main goal is to individualize treatment and work with the client’s strengths and interests. If the client is open to self help groups, we encourage their use and will accompany clients to pursue them.

EHD acknowledges the value of self help groups for many people looking for support in their recovery. Examples of self help groups are: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al Anon, and Smart Recovery.


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