The Cost of Home Detox

Executive Home Detox is a concierge level program. As such, the cost of home detox is not an inexpensive treatment option.

EHD is  designed for clients who feel institutional care is a barrier to their treatment, the daily cost of services is comparable to a high end treatment center.

This is a Private Duty Nursing model of care. The cost of home detox is similar to enlisting a Private Duty Agency Nurse 24 hours a day for a minimum of five days.

Cost of Home Detox: Private Pay / Self Pay

This fully immersive model of care is not covered by insurance. It is a private pay, or self pay service.

The specific cost of EHD’s services is proprietary. However, one client adroitly described our fees as “very expensive” for clients who cannot afford our services, and “very reasonable” for clients who can afford these services”.

***Affordability:   This service is designed for clients who can comfortably afford these services. We do not suggest clients or family members take out loans or overly extend their credit to pay for our services.

Payment Methods:

The types of payment for services include:

  • Wire Transfers
  • Personal Check
  • Cash
  • Other negotiable methods