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Executive Home Detox for Men

Case Study 3: An Alcohol Binge

A worried family member called about their loved one, a retired executive. His father was in a hotel in the city and had been on a binge for the past five days. He was hesitant to intervene until his father asked for help, but wanted to know options just in case. Would his father benefit from our Executive Detox Program? The potential client had gone to the Emergency Room twice in the past 48 hours worried about medical complications from his binge, but was released from the ER and resumed drinking.

EHD informed the family an expert Home Detox Nurse was available and let the family member know this nurse could travel to the client’s hotel, attempt to contact the client and see if the client wanted help. The family appreciated the information and hung up. A little bit later, the client called from the hotel room and inquired about our services. The client initially declined any help, but called back within ten minutes and requested our help.

A nurse, expert in addictions and medical detox, traveled to the city and met with the client. The client was assessed, stabilized, and an Alcohol Detox was initiated. Within forty eight hours the client was coherent, physically stable, and willing to access previous supports and willing to try new supports.

This intervention, this Executive Detox Program, shortened the binge, shortened the continued destruction of the client’s body, and may contribute to a sustained sobriety.

The client is home, attending to business and life, interacting with positive people in his or her sobriety, and sober.

*Names and specific identifying information for Case Study 3 have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

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