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Executive Home Detox for Women

Case Study 1: Alcohol Detox of a Business Woman in the Privacy of Her Home

Sarah is a 45 year old divorced working mother. She has a 17-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son at home. Sarah has been struggling with alcohol for the past five years. She has escalated her drinking since her divorce. Sarah drinks wine, beginning after dinner and increases her consumption as the evening wears on. She is a sales representative for a highly reputable international company. Sarah contacted Executive Home Detox to assist her with an alcohol detox.

Sarah arranged for her children to spend time with their father and she took off Thursday and Friday and also Monday and Tuesday. Executive Home Detox arranged for Sarah to see a Nurse Practitioner or NP Home Detox Nurse who specializes in addictions. Sarah had a problem-free alcohol detox in the comfort of her home supervised by the Executive Home Detox nurse. Her vital signs were monitored, her CIWA scale was monitored, and her sleep was monitored. She benefited from the support of her sister during this medical detox. The nurse drove her to appointments with the nurse practitioner and drove her to a number of AA meetings. Sarah decided against attending AA meetings.

She did continue to see the nurse practitioner who also restarted her antidepressant. Sarah has been sober well over a year and is a support and role model to her children and others.

*Names and specific identifying information have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

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