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Executive Home Detox for Men

Case Study 2: Opioid Detox of an Executive in the Privacy of the Family Home*

William, a 40 year old Wall Street broker living in New York with many corporate clients, contacted Executive Home Detox multiple times to inquire about a Heroin detox. He had been using Heroin for the past three years and was at risk of losing his wife, his son, and his job. He felt shame about his use and wanted privacy.

He arranged an opiate detox in the comfort of his home. He also arranged for his wife and son to take a trip during the medical detox. A Suboxone certified physician was recruited to medically supervise the opioid private detox. William and the live-in Executive Home Detox Nurse visited the expert consulting physician together. A seven day Suboxone detox was planned and implemented. Suboxone induction was initiated based on ASAM criteria using a COWS scale. The Suboxone managed detox was initiated on a Friday so a full weekend could be utilized for induction and subsequent weaning of the Suboxone. Monday, William was able to spend four hours at work. The nurse drove William to work and remained geographically, within minutes of William in case he needed assistance. The executive was able to increase his hours at work each day and by the end of the week was working his normal hours and was Suboxone free and Heroin free.

An aftercare plan was agreed upon that included regular therapy, a support group, and medication to assist with his recovery.

William and his family report he is doing very well. He has been very productive at work, and is no longer at risk of losing his wife and son.

*Names and specific identifying information have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

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