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NY High End Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Private New York Home Detox

Executive Home Detox provides alcohol home detox and opiate home detox to clients in the state of New York. It provides the ultimate alternative other rehabs in New York, A New York Home Detox or a NYC detox may be the solution to a person suffering from addiction but is unwilling to seek treatment in an institutional setting. Executive Home Detox serves the residents of New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and the surrounding Burroughs. We also serve the residents of Long Island, Westchester County, Albany, and the Buffalo/Great Lakes area. We come to the client and actually live with the client twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week until the medical detox is complete.

Many clients have tried hospitals or rehabs in New York and feel their substance abuse treatment was too impersonal, crowded, or lacking. A New York Detox may be the solution. Executive Home Detox provides addiction treatment in your own home. We see the environment you are living in and observe the triggers and queues that may cause continued use and relapse. EHD can advise the client on potential changes in his or her living environment that may assist in sustaining recovery.

We work with expert physicians and counselors. EHD will refer the client to the needed and appropriate aftercare treaters.

EHD has affiliations with highly qualified addiction physicians and counselors in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

We are honored to be trusted with your health during your New York detox.

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