The first signs of alcohol withdrawal

Bill CarrickAlcohol Withdrawal

The First Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal can encompass many signs and symptoms. A full list of Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be found on the EHD site. But what are the first signs of alcohol withdrawal a person may experience? This blog will focus on two symptoms; Craving for a drink and hand tremors. Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal: Craving Craving for a drink: This symptom can sneak up on a person. A period of daily drinking over multiple days can eventually produce alcohol dependence. When the body becomes dependent on alcohol then the brain sends messages that encourages the … Read More

Nose bleeds and alcohol withdrawal

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Nose Bleeds A person recently searched Google using the typed words “nose bleeding alcohol withdrawal”. I noticed this when reviewing my google analytics. This provides the opportunity to highlight a serious concern related to alcohol use, alcohol dependence, and withdrawal; the concern is nose bleeds. Chronic alcohol abuse can impact the amount of platelets in the body. Platelets are needed to prevent excessive bleeding. Additionally, a very low platelet level can cause the following: Spontaneous bleeding internally. An esophageal bleed. A GI or gastrointestinal bleed, or as above, A spontaneous nose bleed. A spontaneous nose bleed can be fairly benign or … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal Nausea

Bill CarrickAlcohol Withdrawal

Nausea as a sign of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal has many different signs and symptoms. An uncomfortable signs or symptom of alcohol withdrawal is a lack of appetite accompanied by nausea. This symptom is an indication of a significant dependence on the alcohol. The lack of appetite accompanied by nausea indicates: The stomach is not prepared to take in nourishment. The stomach lining may be eroded by the alcohol. The stomach lining is one of the first components of the body for the process of breaking down foods, if the stomach lining is absent or impaired, the body gives out … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal: Poor Concentration, Impaired Memory

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Alcohol withdrawal has multiple signs and symptoms. This blog has written about a number of signs and symptoms, including: anxiety, tremors or shakes, appetite disturbance, and sleep disturbances.  Another symptom may be poor concentration and/or impaired memory. Poor concentration and impaired memory may be related to other symptoms of alcohol withdrawal or may be related to the alcohol withdrawal itself. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that may contribute to poor concentration and impaired memory are: Anxiety, agitation, irritability, sleep disturbances, or poor nutritional intake. Alcohol withdrawal in itself may cause poor concentration and impaired memory related to the brain’s response to … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal: Sleep Disturbances

Bill CarrickAlcohol Withdrawal

Sleep Disturbances Alcohol withdrawal has multiple signs and symptoms.  Recent posts on this blog have looked at tremors or shakes, appetite disturbance, and anxiety.  Another key symptom is trouble sleeping. Sleep disturbances include intense dreaming and nightmares. The withdrawal of Alcohol from an alcohol dependent person elicits symptoms that are just the opposite of what Alcohol may do for someone. Alcohol is often used by people to help them get to sleep. It can be effective to help people get to sleep but it is not effective in helping them stay asleep. The opposite of helping people to get to sleep … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal: Anxiety

Bill CarrickAlcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Related Anxiety The line “I need a drink” is often used by people who are high strung, who might have had a bad day, and they need something to relax themselves. Alcohol is an anti-anxiety agent for many. One of the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal is the opposite of this calming effect, it is alcohol related anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease. One definition is “fear of the unknown”. You may feel ‘somethings just not right’. Another definition is “impending doom”. Anxiety is almost always a precursor to a panic attack. Alcohol related Anxiety alone would indicate a mild … Read More