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Alcohol Detox at Home

Alcohol Detox at Home Alcohol detox at home can range from a simple uncomplicated process to a life threatening medical event. When a person experiences the signs and symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal, the person should seek medical guidance and supervision.…

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Antabuse Antabuse (Disulfiram) is a medication that some people in recovery take to help them stay away from Alcohol. This medication is considered aversive treatment because it makes a person violently ill if they drink alcohol while they are on…

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Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe?

Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? A medically supervised Alcohol Home Detox can be safe especially when supervised onsite in the home by a qualified registered nurse. A medically supervised alcohol home detox with an on-site expert…

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Alcohol Withdrawal: Shakes

Alcohol Shakes A classic sign or symptom of Alcohol Withdrawal is the alcohol shakes. Alcohol shakes can occur a number of hours after the last drink of alcohol. Members of the healthcare profession refer to the shakes as tremors. Alcohol…

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Not Leaving Las Vegas

The film starring Nicholas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas, about a chronic alcoholic who makes a decision to drink himself to death is a lasting impression about Las Vegas, Nevada and the futility of alcohol treatment. I’m not leaving Las Vegas,…

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A Lesson Learned: Never Give up Hope

Are some cases hopeless, or should we always have hope? Sandy was coming in again. She was being admitted to the dual diagnosis unit at the psychiatric hospital where I was employed. I knew Sandy well. She had thirty-eight (38)…

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