Hope for Everyone

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A well known actress has “tweeted” her fans to acknowledge she has failed a drug test, thus violating terms of probation. A well known celebrity has made a plea deal to avoid jail or prison time for her recent escapades in Las Vegas. In both these situations, I find hope. The actress, in her tweet, sounded like a more mature, more responsible, more accountable version of her previous public persona. Hope fully this came from the heart. Allegedly she is ready to take her “medicine”, meaning she will turn herself in and do more time. The celebrity has plead guilty … Read More

Celebrity going to Jail for DUI of Marijuana

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There is a report today that a celebrity in England, with a history of addiction treatment, has been found guilty of driving under the influence of Marijuana when he crashed into a storefront. He was sentenced to prison and will end up spending at least four weeks in jail. I had a recent discussion with my brother in law about Marijuana use and it’s affects on young people. He was adamant that MJ is not detrimental to anyone and it should be legalized. The legalization of MJ is not the question, the question should be “Is MJ detrimental to people?” … Read More

No News is often Good News

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There have recently been a few celebrity related news items related to the use of drugs (cocaine) and alcohol. Human nature (and paparazzi) dictate the high demand for news about self-destructive behavior. However, we, the public, are less interested when these same celebrities are doing well. Therefore, we don’t hear about it. No news is often good news in the field of addictions, dependence, and recovery. Whether it is a celebrity or a next door neighbor, the lack of attention towards an individual usually means that their life is going OK. Executive Home Detox has a built in plan to … Read More

Lohan released early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety?

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Lohan Released Early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety? Lindsay Lohan is set to be released from Rehab early. She received a shortened jail sentence and is now released from a shorter than expected rehab stay. Many of my colleagues insist Lohan should have had to serve her full jail term and finish the fully assigned 90 day rehab stint. They argue that would be best for her sustained recovery. I’m not necessarily in agreement. Lohan has had long stints at rehab and she has continued to use substances in a destructive manner. Ninety day rehabs are great for … Read More