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No News is often Good News

There have recently been a few celebrity related news items related to the use of drugs (cocaine) and alcohol. Human nature (and paparazzi) dictate the high demand for news about self-destructive behavior. However, we, the public, are less interested when these same celebrities are doing well. Therefore, we don’t hear about it.

No news is often good news in the field of addictions, dependence, and recovery. Whether it is a celebrity or a next door neighbor, the lack of attention towards an individual usually means that their life is going OK.

Executive Home Detox has a built in plan to check and see how a client is doing after they engage in a private alcohol home detox or confidential opiate home detox. We call them daily for seven days, weekly for four weeks, and monthly for four months. This contact allows us to separate from the client in a smooth transition and allows the client and our clinician to discuss any issue that might be affecting their early recovery.

Eventually we break contact with the client and may not hear from them for an extended period of time. Usually no news is good news.

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