Addiction Conference, Opioid Treatment, and Early Recovery

Executive Home Detox and Executive Recovery Coach have a busy week ahead; Attendance at an addiction conference, Assisting in a transition from Opioid Dependence to Naltrexone (Vivitrol), and Coaching a client in early recovery.

  • Addiction Conference: ASAM, or the American Society of Addiction Medicine, will have their annual conference in Baltimore, Md. this week. EHD will be an exhibitor and, Bill Carrick, the President of EHD, will be a conference attendee.  The conference looks promising; covering topics ranging from Opioid Dependence and treatment options to the Genetic of Alcohol Use Disorder. I look forward to comparing conventional and traditional treatment methods to newer options for the treatment of addiction disease.*
  • Transition from Opioid Dependence to Naltrexone: EHD is assisting a client to transition from her dependence on opiates to getting the medication Naltrexone via an intra-muscular shot that will last about a month. We are following a physician prescribed and supervised protocol to introduce Naltrexone earlier than the usual seven-ten day waiting period.
  • Early Recovery Coaching: Executive Recovery Coach is a component of the services we offer. ERC has a similar model to EHD. We fully immerse ourselves in the care and coaching of the client. We have a coach on site assisting a client to navigate early recovery issues.


We focus on both the acute treatment of a medical detox and the ongoing early recovery process. EHD combines evidence based practice with the willingness of the client to determine the direction of treatment. This is the science and the art of addiction treatment.

* Bill Carrick RN, MSN is an Associate Member of ASAM. EHD will often access physicians affiliated or certified by ASAM or AAAP to assist in the treatment of addictions, including assistance with an alcohol home detox or home detox of opioid dependence.