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Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol Related Anxiety Alcohol and Anxiety are closely linked. We have all heard the line “I need a drink”. This line is often used by people who are high strung, who might have had a bad day, and they need…

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Alcohol Withdrawal: Shakes

Alcohol Shakes A classic sign or symptom of Alcohol Withdrawal is the alcohol shakes. Alcohol shakes can occur a number of hours after the last drink of alcohol. Members of the healthcare profession refer to the shakes as tremors. Alcohol…

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Not Leaving Las Vegas

The film starring Nicholas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas, about a chronic alcoholic who makes a decision to drink himself to death is a lasting impression about Las Vegas, Nevada and the futility of alcohol treatment. I’m not leaving Las Vegas,…

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Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms; Physical symptoms and emotional symptoms. A person dependent on alcohol will have physical withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms were pretty well covered in a previous post and we can revisit them. I wanted to talk about other symptoms…

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A Harmless Commercial or a Menacing Message?

Thank God for Beer commercials. They pay the networks big money who then pay Sports leagues to carry their games. We get to watch these sporting events “free”. A series of beer commercials that is getting a lot of play,…

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No News is often Good News

There have recently been a few celebrity related news items related to the use of drugs (cocaine) and alcohol. Human nature (and paparazzi) dictate the high demand for news about self-destructive behavior. However, we, the public, are less interested when…

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