Alcohol Shakes

A classic sign or symptom of Alcohol Withdrawal is the shakes. Alcohol shakes can occur a number of hours after the last drink of alcohol. Members of the healthcare profession refer to the shakes as tremors. Alcohol Shakes or tremors can be a mild to moderate sign of alcohol withdrawal or can be one of a number of symptoms that signify an impending serious alcohol withdrawal.

Alcohol Shakes or tremors are often first noticed in the morning, and may be exaggerated while trying to do fine motor skills such as drinking from a cup. They are significant as they indicate the body has become dependent on alcohol. The dependency may be mild or more severe. Shakes or tremors usually may stop in a couple hours, or often stop once the person resumes drinking.

Good news: The good news is the shakes or tremors are alerting the drinker (and those around the drinker) there is a dependency and probably a problem with alcohol. This would be a good time to see a family physician or primary care practitioner and communicate to the practitioner what is going on.

Shakes or tremors may be the first sign one sees when there is an alcohol problem. This can be embarrassing and may illicit shame. We highly suggest the drinker contact a health care professional rather than trying to manage this syndrome himself or herself. This can be an opportunity to “nip” it in the bud, or may be an indication the drinker is going to escalate their drinking to avoid the shakes and other symptoms that occur with alcohol withdrawal.

Executive Home Detox provides private In Home Alcohol Detox to clients who cannot or will not access conventional services. We actually live with our clients 24/7 for the duration of the detox. A certified addictions registered nurse is on site at all times to assist with the medical detoxification of alcohol and assists in keeping the client as comfortable as possible.