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Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol Related Anxiety

Alcohol and Anxiety are closely linked. We have all heard the line “I need a drink”. This line is often used by people who are high strung, who might have had a bad day, and they need something to relax themselves. Alcohol is an anti-anxiety agent. A very effective anti-anxiety agent.  For many, it seems like the only thing that works to calm the nerves of settle them down.

Drinking alcohol can decrease of eliminate anxiety. However the converse can happen as well. When someone dependent on Alcohol stops drinking, Anxiety can be the result. One of the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal  alcohol related anxiety.

Alcohol and Anxiety: 

Anxiety is a feeling of unease. One definition is “fear of the unknown”. You may feel ‘somethings just not right’. Another definition is “impending doom”. Anxiety is almost always a precursor to the dreaded panic attack.

Alcohol related Anxiety alone would indicate a mild alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Anxiety coupled with other signs and symptoms would indicate a more involved and possible serious alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Some of these symptoms would include:

  • (Anxiety Related) Restlessness, irritability, agitation· Lack of appetite, nausea and /or vomiting
  • Tremor or shakiness, elevated heart rate, and elevate blood pressure.
  • Trouble sleeping, intense dreaming, nightmares
  • Poor concentration, impaired memory and judement
  • Indications of a more severe withdrawal syndrome:
  • Increased sensitivity to sound, light, and tactile sensations
  • Hallucinations (See, Hear, or feel things not really there)
  • Delusions, usually paranoid or persecutory
  • Grand Mal Seizures; Tonic-clonic seizures.
  • Hyperthermia or elevated fever
  • Delirium with disorientation to time, other people, place, and the situation

Executive Home Detox provides a private in home detox for clients who cannot or will not access conventional treatment and who experience this type of anxiety.  

The EHD nurse is skilled at determining what is Alcohol related anxiety and what is a more “normal” anxiety syndrome.  Clients who experience anxiety and additional accompanying withdrawal symptoms will benefit from a medication assisted medical detox. The vast majority of clients can fully detox from alcohol and find ways to manage their anxiety without the aid of ongoing alcohol use. 


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