Private Alcohol Detox

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Private Alcohol Detox Executive Home Detox was created to address specific barriers to treatment. A barrier we hear about, almost daily, is “privacy”. A Private Alcohol Detox can mean the difference between accessing treatment or continuing to drink and suffer. Consequently, EHD provides a very private alcohol detox in the comfort of one’s home. This treatment model ia ideal for the client that wants help, but is hesitant to access treatment because he or she doesn’t want others to know of their need for detox. How Private is Executive Home Detox? Our model is quite possibly the most private treatment … Read More

Alcohol Detox at Home

William CarrickAlcohol Detox, Home Detox

Alcohol Detox at Home Alcohol detox at home can range from a simple uncomplicated process to a life threatening medical event. When a person feels the signs and symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal, the person should seek medical guidance and supervision. Alcohol detox at home can be relatively safe and comfortable if the person going through withdrawal is receiving competent medical care. Competent medical care includes physician or nurse practitioner supervision and an on-site person monitoring and assisting in the withdrawal process. For moderate to severe alcohol withdrawal the on-site person should be a qualified nurse. Alcohol Detox at Home: Concierge … Read More

Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe?

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Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? In the vast majority of cases, a medically supervised Alcohol Home Detox is safe. A medically supervised alcohol home detox with a 24/7 one:one on-site expert nurse increases the chances of a safe detox considerably. An alcohol detox occurs when a person is physically dependent on alcohol. When a person “needs” an alcohol detox and goes into alcohol withdrawal it becomes a medical condition. An Alcohol detox is a medical procedure that ranges from a mild withdrawal to a severe life-threatening alcohol withdrawal. Is Alcohol Home Detox Safe? EHD focuses … Read More

Nose bleeds and alcohol withdrawal

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Nose Bleeds A person recently searched Google using the typed words “nose bleeding alcohol withdrawal”. I noticed this when reviewing my google analytics. This provides the opportunity to highlight a serious concern related to alcohol use, alcohol dependence, and withdrawal; the concern is nose bleeds. Chronic alcohol abuse can impact the amount of platelets in the body. Platelets are needed to prevent excessive bleeding. Additionally, a very low platelet level can cause the following: Spontaneous bleeding internally. An esophageal bleed. A GI or gastrointestinal bleed, or as above, A spontaneous nose bleed. A spontaneous nose bleed can be fairly benign or … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal and DT’s: Seizures and Delirium Tremens (DT’s)

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Delirium Tremens Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous due to the possibility of seizures and the possibility of delirium tremens (DT’s). Seizures and delirium tremens or DT’s can both be life threatening. Seizures are more common and better known to the general public. DT’s are less common but have a higher lethality than seizures. Seizures Alcoholic Seizures: Seizures can occur in anyone who is physically dependent on alcohol and who stops drinking. The brain becomes dependent on alcohol over a period of time and when it is taken away precipitiously, the brain may react by having a gran mal seizure. … Read More