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Revia or Oral Naltrexone

Naltrexone Executive Home Detox encourages the use of anti-craving medications, such as Naltrexone. The number of relapses in clients with Alcohol Use Disorder is high across the continuum of care. EHD likes to use any resource at our disposal to…

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Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms; Physical symptoms and emotional symptoms. A person dependent on alcohol will have physical withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms were pretty well covered in a previous post and we can revisit them. I wanted to talk about other symptoms…

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Campral (Acamprosate) For Alcohol Craving

Acamprosate is the generic drug name of Campral. Campral is one of the few drugs approved to treat alcoholism. Campral is used to decrease the likelihood of alcohol relapse. All medications that are approved for alcohol related disorders have the…

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