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Lohan released early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety?

Lohan Released Early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety?

Lindsay Lohan is set to be released from Rehab early. She received a shortened jail sentence and is now released from a shorter than expected rehab stay. Many of my colleagues insist Lohan should have had to serve her full jail term and finish the fully assigned 90 day rehab stint. They argue that would be best for her sustained recovery.

I’m not necessarily in agreement. Lohan has had long stints at rehab and she has continued to use substances in a destructive manner. Ninety day rehabs are great for the individual that will use the time constructively and the individual that is committed to that time period. However forcing a client to spend ninety days in a rehab may actually work against the client’s sobriety. An angry, spiteful client is at high risk for abusing alcohol or drugs when they get out of a situation not in their control.

Lohan Released: I’m hopeful!

I am hopeful Lindsay Lohan will take the strong message given to her, jail time and twenty plus days in rehab, and recognize she is going to be held accountable for her behavior, including her use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. I see the glass half-full and wish LL well.

Undergoing an alcohol detox in the full public glare of TV cameras does not work for everyone. Among the advantages of using a service like that offered by EHD is that your privacy is respected, and you are not “cooped up” in a rehab center. One of our clients “Belinda” is like this and was able to go through detox in the comfort of her own home.”

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