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Cigarettes, Marijuana, and Detox

Do you have to stop smoking cigarettes or stop smoking pot if you want to get clean or sober?


A middle aged man, Randy, called Executive Home Detox for a Vicodin and SOMA detox. He had just left a second inpatient detox / rehab in as many days. He wanted to get off the drugs but couldn’t stop smoking… so he left rehab and called us.


A young adult, Joseph, was hooked on Oxycontin and Xanax. He agreed to get off Oxy’s and Z-bars but adamantly refused to stop smoking Pot and refused to go to an inpatient setting. His parents, who were footing the bill, decided that addressing the greater of two evils was in his best interest and called us.

Randy and Joseph had successful medical detoxes from the opiates and sedatives. Randy continues to smoke cigarettes, and Joseph continued to smoke pot.

Randy has been clean for 18 months, Joseph continues to struggle with his addiction. Both clients decreased their overall risk from using and abusing substances. I frequently get calls from prospective clients who desire a home detox from alcohol or opiates because they don’t want to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana. Executive Home Detox can provide a safe medical detox for clients who want to continue smoking cigarettes. Allowing the client to smoke fits in with our mission to break down barriers for clients who are looking to detox from alcohol or opiates.

The issue of Marijuana is more complex. Marijuana may be illegal in the state the client resides. Marijuana may contribute significantly to the drug behavior the client is exhibiting. Marijuana is not a benign substance. EHD does not condone the use of Marijuana during detox and we strongly suggest the client not use marijuana. If the client decides to smoke marijuana that is their choice. Education and teaching will be provided related to the risks that smoking marijuana may entail. EHD believes abstinence is an ultimate goal, however we also believe in risk reduction and will work with a client to reduce their overall risk. We want to leave the client in a healthier state than when we arrived.

Do you have to stop smoking cigarettes or stop smoking pot if you want to get clean or sober? Most treaters and professionals accept the terminology clean or sober if a client is only smoking cigarettes, few professionals accept the terminology clean and sober if the client is smoking marijuana.

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