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Hope for Everyone

A well known actress has “tweeted” her fans to acknowledge she has failed a drug test, thus violating terms of probation. A well known celebrity has made a plea deal to avoid jail or prison time for her recent escapades in Las Vegas. In both these situations, I find hope.

The actress, in her tweet, sounded like a more mature, more responsible, more accountable version of her previous public persona. Hope fully this came from the heart. Allegedly she is ready to take her “medicine”, meaning she will turn herself in and do more time.

The celebrity has plead guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer. She will avoid two six month sentences. Many public comments deride this plea and suggest this celebrity is getting off scott-free. I don’t agree. She has kept a much lower profile, those around her have lost what they value, and she is persona non-grata at multiple venues in “the” celebrity town, Las Vegas. Additionally she has a continuing trail of arrests that are following her.

I am hope ful for these two public figures. Recovery is rarely due to one event and then a decision to cease doing drugs or alcohol. Rather, recovery is usually due to a series of events that cause the individual and those around them to re-evaluate their life, use, and behavior.

I am hope ful for others as well. One of the attributes we, in the addiction field, carry is hope. We often carry hope into perceived hopeless situations until the client and others can see what we see …. hope.

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