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Private Florida Alcohol Detox and Confidential Home Detox Services

Our Concierge Drug and confidential Alcohol Detox Service in Florida

Executive Home Detox provides alcohol home detox and opiate home detox to clients in the sunny state of Florida. A Florida Home Detox is competent, private, confidential, and convenient. Medical home detoxification fits in well with many residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Venice, Naples and their surrounding communities. We come to Florida and live with the client twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week until the medical detox is complete.

A Detox in the Comfort of your Florida Home

Many clients are private and prefer the comfort of their home when receiving treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. There are wonderful competent treatment programs in Florida, but they may still pose a barrier to addiction treatment for that rare client that cannot manage in an institutional setting. A Florida Detox is an Alternative to institutional care. EHD treats you in your own home. We observe the client in their own environment and observe the triggers and cues that may cause relapse. EHD can advise the client on potential changes in his or her living environment that may assist in sustaining recovery.

We have professional working relationships in Florida with physicians, counselors, and concierge providers. EHD will refer the client to the needed and appropriate aftercare providers who will be screened to ensure a good fit for the client.

The Florida detox is truly one of the most unique and comfortable locations to undergo this intense medical and life changing process.

A Venice Alcohol Detox

Some of our clients reside in the beautiful gulf city of Venice, Florida.  Venice presents multiple opportunities to explore oneself in the many attractions that the city offers, especially after one has gone through detoxification.  As is with many locations that cater to warm weather and beach related social activities, alcohol is very prevalent. This is why a Venice alcohol detox has become a sought after option for Florida alcohol detox & overall confidential alcohol detox services.  A Venice alcohol detox, like all our home detoxes is conducted in a private and medically supervised way.

Detox in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is often considered a premier location for detoxification and is on Florida’s east coast just north of Miami – providing unique levels of privacy in the many hotels, AirBNBs or private residences that the city boasts. A typical detox in Fort Lauderdale is often followed by exploring and taking full advantage of the many amenities the city has to offer.



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