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Executive Home Detox for Men

A Tailored Treatment Program for Men

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds; They work in finance, energy, high tech, banking, import/export, real estate, and consultancies. EHD has provided this service North and South, East and West, Coast to Coast.

Executive Home Detox provides discreet, private, and convenient alcohol and opiate detox in the comfort of your home. A Live-in Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (or CARN eligible nurse) oversees the medical detox under the supervision of your own physician or an expert physician recruited for this medical detoxification. EHD provides this service in the United States and internationally.

Premier At Home Detox: We Come to You

Executive Home Detox is the most discreet home detox service of its kind. If desired, only three people will be aware a medical detox is in progress: you, the physician, and the live-in registered nurse. Our “home base” is wherever you are located. Your “home base” is our “home base”.

Private Treatment Services under 24 Hour Care

Executive Home Detox provides unparalleled continuity of care. One expert nurse clinician lives with the executive 24/7. The expert nurse clinician assists with a fairly comfortable detoxification through a continual observation of the executive.

Executive Home Detox will negotiate an acceptable aftercare plan and implement that plan prior to leaving your home. EHD will provide family members and significant others with support and education, if desired by the executive.

Executives are used to acting assertively and negotiating agreeable terms. EHD respects this trait in the executive. We balance the executive’s needs and desires with the minimal requirements for the medical detox and plan accordingly. We offer an informed flexibility to the executive.

Assess, Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Re-Evaluate

Executive Home Detox will assess your needs and with the consultation and supervision of a qualified physician, plan an alcohol or opiate detox to meet your needs. It will be implemented and will be assessed on an ongoing basis. The beauty of one nurse clinician working with you is the ongoing evaluation and re-evaluation of any medication interventions. The aim is both an effective and fairly comfortable medical detox.

Executive Home Detox Case Studies

*Names and specific identifying information have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

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