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Top Texas Home Detox

Executive Home Detox provides alcohol home detox and opiate home detox to clients in the great Longhorn state of Texas. A Texas Home Detox is private and convenient. EHD offers alcohol home detox or opiate home detox. A Texas Home Detox may fit in well with residents of Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. We come to the client and actually live with the client twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week until the medical detoxification is complete.

Many clients have tried quality treatment programs in the Dallas, Houston, and the Austin area. They report that many of these programs are sufficient for the majority of people, but for a number of them, they feel their treatment is still lacking or not tailored to their specific needs.

Executive Home Detox treats you in your own Texas home. A Texas Home Detox offers addiction treatment in the environment in which you are living, and observe the catalysts that may cause continued use – even relapse. EHD can advise the client on potential changes in his or her living environment that may assist in sustaining recovery.

We have professional working relationships with physicians, counselors, therapists, and sober companions throughout Texas as we do in just about every state across the country. EHD will refer the client to the needed and appropriate aftercare medical professionals. Your privacy and comfort are always paramount in our treatment.

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