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Private Dallas Alcohol Detox

Dallas/Fort Worth Home Detox

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas, but it may be the most active and “happening” city. Business, entertainment, and culture all collide to make Dallas a wonderful place to live. Fast living and high stress may contribute to a lifestyle that includes the use of substances including alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol, certain medications, and drugs may serve a purpose … up to a point. Once dependency on substances occurs, professional help may be needed. EHD offers professional assistance for the discerning client who needs to, or wants to, maintain their privacy. EHD is the only Dallas alcohol detox (Rapid Alcohol Detox at Home) and drug detox treatment program to offer 24 hour, 7 day a week on-site expert nurse supervision at home.

Dallas Home Detox: EHD Experience

EHD has had the pleasure of working with world renown physicians and therapists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There are highly qualified physicians, therapists, and outpatient programs that complement the treatment we provide.

EHD has assisted in the medical detoxification and early recovery of highly accomplished Dallas residents including visiting royalty, celebrities, and business executives who have all benefited from our private, confidential, and comfortable professional home detox treatment program.

Our rapid alcohol detox at home program in Dallas is world class! But no matter the personal circumstances or needs, and whether its related to drugs or whether it’s our Dallas alcohol detox, EHC is the premier provider of confidential detoxification care.

Here are additional unique attributes to consider in our Dallas Alcohol Detox & Drug Detox programs:

Competence: A Certified Addictions Registered Nurse travels to the client’s home in Dallas/Fort Worth and remains with the client for the duration of the detox. The nurse is expert in managing the medical detox with medication and is also expert in addiction care, that allows for the rapid alcohol detox at home and drug detox at home to be successful. The nurse is adept at taking and assessing vital signs and is familiar with standardized scales to monitor withdrawal.

Privacy: This professional detox is managed by one nurse and one nurse only. Only the client, the nurse, and the prescribing physician need to know about this medical detox. EHD may suggest others be involved but that is a decision made together with the client.

Comfort: A comfortable detox usually has better outcomes. EHD focuses solely on the client. We provide this home detox in the comfort of YOUR home or wherever YOU feel most comfortable. EHD uses prescribed medication to address life-threatening and debilitating withdrawal symptoms and also make the client as comfortable as possible.

EHD is experienced in assisting with Alcohol Detox, Opiate Detox, and Benzodiazepine Detox.

Dallas Alcohol Detox & Recovery

At EHD it’s not only about the detoxification process, especially when it comes to alcohol.  A Dallas Alcohol Recovery is an ongoing process that occurs after detoxification. You can read more about the options after you have detoxed on our Executive Recovery Coach Page.

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