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Houston Home Detox

Houston Home Detox. Executive Home Detox offers 24 hour, 7 day a week on-site expert nurse supervision in Houston. Our primary focus is on Alcohol Home Detox and Opiate Home Detox. This unique treatment model has been used for the past fifteen years by Houstonians who prefer privacy and convenience. Nearby residents of Conroe, The Woodlands, and Galveston have also used this unique treatment approach.

Private, Comfortable, and Convenient Houston Home Detox

Private Detox: EHD offers a private alternative with an emphasis on safety and comfort. One expert nurse remains with the client on site. This 1:1 approach guarantees optimum continuity of care. The private duty nurse is committed to the comfort of the client. A Houston Home Detox focuses on Competent Comfortable Care, Privacy and Convenience.

Convenient: A detox in the home is very convenient for most clients. EHD nurses travel to wherever the client is living in Houston including primary homes, second homes, or vacation homes. EHD provides you a high level of competent care in your home. For many clients, this is wher they are most comfortable, i.e., sleeping in their own bed, using their own kitchen, and often continuing with outpatient providers throughout the process.

We Come To You

EHD nurses travel to the client. We are usually able to arrive within 24 hours of the phone call to EHD. The EHD nurse will drive or fly to Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston or surrounding area to oversee the detoxification.

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