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Las Vegas Home Detox

Las Vegas, the city of lights, is a wonderful escape for millions of people every year, and has a work environment that is known as “work hard, play hard”. Alcohol and drugs are frequently a part of the lifestyle. When alcohol or drugs cease to be fun and get in the way of how you want to live your life, consider reaching out for help.

Executive Home Detox is familiar and comfortable with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas: the casinos, hotels, and health resources. We have assisted entertainers and celebrities as well as Las Vegas residents who have found themselves in need of discreet and private home detox.

Discreet and Competent

EHD provides discreet and competent treatment in the privacy of your Las Vegas home. EHD can also assist with a medical detox in a hotel setting or vacation setting under the supervision of a physician. We are proud of our working relationship with highly qualified physicians and can assist in accessing additional treatment providers as well.


A Las Vegas Home Detox will be private. The client, the Home Detox Nurse providing 24/7 on site medical supervision, and the prescribing physician are all the individuals who need to know about the medical detox. Anyone else would have to be informed by the client himself or herself.


We come to you! This treatment model is designed for Quality Care by expert providers, effective treatment, and convenience. The client is treated in the comfort of the home or in the dwelling of his or her choosing.

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