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Private California at Home Detox

Detox in California from the Comfort of your Home

A private and convenient California Home Detox, a medical home detoxification plan, fits in well with many residents living in California from San Francisco to Santa Barbara down to Los Angeles and Orange County, and over to Palm Springs. We come to the client and actually live with the client 24-7 until the medical home detox is complete.

Many clients have tried the specialized rehabs situated throughout southern and northern California and feel their treatment is still lacking. Executive Home Detox provides a unique treatment model in your own home. We interact with you in your environment and observe the triggers and queues that may contribute to substance use and cause relapse. EHD can advise the client on potential changes in his or her living environment that may assist in sustaining recovery.

We have professional contacts; physicians, counselors, and concierge providers across the state of California. EHD will refer the client to the needed and appropriate aftercare providers. When privacy is a concern, EHD will screen all potential providers to make sure they are a good fit for the client.

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