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San Francisco Home Detox | Medical Detox Bay Area

Private San Francisco & Bay Area Home Detox

San Francisco is the de facto hub of Northern California. The city is well known for it’s diversity, culture, and architecture. Asian-Americans, Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender advocates, Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge and a living vibrant city are just a small representation of the gateway city. Executive Home Detox is pleased to offer private confidential home detox services to residents of San Francisco and the surrounding areas of Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Walnut Creek. EHD’s treatment model focuses on safety and comfort. There is always comfort in knowing that an expert clinician, an expert RN specializing in confidential detox, is always on-site, by your side 24/7 to comfort, evaluate, and treat any issues that arises.

Home Detox is a Safe & Confidential Alternative

The decision to address an alcohol or drug problem takes courage. Treatment options may pose a barrier in and of itself to accessing needed care. Often, the thought of admission to a detox facility or rehab poses its own barrier to treatment. Issues regarding privacy, confidentiality, past trauma, time, and convenience may prevent conventional treatment options. EHD provides a safe, effective confidential detox alternative.

Alcohol detox and withdrawal are serious medical concerns. An expert nurse will supervise a safe medical withdrawal, including the administration and evaluation of medications prescribed for a safe medical detox. The nurse is on-site for as long as the medical detox takes.

Opiate Home Detoxification and the management of withdrawal symptoms is a daunting task. The receptor sites in the brain scream out for the continued use of opiates. EHD staff recognize this phenomenon and offer two types of opiate detox: A medication-based detox focused on comfort and sedation, or a Suboxone (Buprenorphine)-based detox with Suboxone induction and a full Suboxone tapering.

Early Recovery Planning

A San Francisco of bay area medical home detox may be the answer for alcohol or opiate dependency, but then what?

EHD works closely with the client (and current treaters) to create an aftercare plan the client feels he or she can commit to. EHD refers to high quality physicians, therapists, and groups that will assist the client in sustaining recovery.

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