Private Alcohol Detox

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Private Alcohol Detox Executive Home Detox was created to address specific barriers to treatment. A barrier we hear about, almost daily, is “privacy”. A Private Alcohol Detox can mean the difference between accessing treatment or continuing to drink and suffer. Consequently, EHD provides a very private alcohol detox in the comfort of one’s home. This treatment model ia ideal for the client that wants help, but is hesitant to access treatment because he or she doesn’t want others to know of their need for detox. How Private is Executive Home Detox? Our model is quite possibly the most private treatment … Read More

Alcohol Detox at Home

William CarrickAlcohol Detox, Home Detox

Alcohol Detox at Home Alcohol detox at home can range from a simple uncomplicated process to a life threatening medical event. When a person feels the signs and symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal, the person should seek medical guidance and supervision. Alcohol detox at home can be relatively safe and comfortable if the person going through withdrawal is receiving competent medical care. Competent medical care includes physician or nurse practitioner supervision and an on-site person monitoring and assisting in the withdrawal process. For moderate to severe alcohol withdrawal the on-site person should be a qualified nurse. Alcohol Detox at Home: Concierge … Read More


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Antabuse Antabuse (Disulfiram) is a medication that some people in recovery take to help them stay away from Alcohol. This medication is considered aversive treatment because it makes a person violently ill if they drink alcohol while they are on the medication. This pill is taken daily, usually in the morning. Once taken, the person will get sick and have to throw up if they drink alcohol. Divergent Views by Clinicians Antabuse has divergent views in the Substance Use field. Thus it has wide acceptance in some circles and is not even considered in other circles. One treatment program, a … Read More

Addiction Conference, Opioid Treatment, Early Recovery

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Addiction Conference, Opioid Treatment, and Early Recovery Executive Home Detox and Executive Recovery Coach have a busy week ahead; Attendance at an addiction conference, Assisting in a transition from Opioid Dependence to Naltrexone (Vivitrol), and Coaching a client in early recovery. Addiction Conference: ASAM, or the American Society of Addiction Medicine, will have their annual conference in Baltimore, Md. this week. EHD will be an exhibitor and, Bill Carrick, the President of EHD, will be a conference attendee.  The conference looks promising; covering topics ranging from Opioid Dependence and treatment options to the Genetic of Alcohol Use Disorder. I look … Read More

Dry mouth and alcohol

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Dry Mouth and Alcohol Dry mouth is often a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Yesterday I blogged about the first signs of alcohol withdrawal. The blog focused on craving and tremors. Another sign that may accompany craving and tremors may be a mouth that’s dry. Waking up in the morning or after a prolonged nap with a “cotton mouth” may be related to the amount of alcohol a person is consuming. This symptom and alcohol consumption are related. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly, a dentist, has blogged about this issue: “There are several causes of dry mouth. Drinking alcohol, especially in any … Read More

The first signs of alcohol withdrawal

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The First Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal can encompass many signs and symptoms. A full list of Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be found on the EHD site. But what are the first signs of alcohol withdrawal a person may experience? This blog will focus on two symptoms; Craving for a drink and hand tremors. Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal: Craving Craving for a drink: This symptom can sneak up on a person. A period of daily drinking over multiple days can eventually produce alcohol dependence. When the body becomes dependent on alcohol then the brain sends messages that encourages the … Read More