Rules of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Rules of Alcoholics Anonymous: What are the rules of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA? And while we’er at it, what are the rules of EHD?  Alcoholics Anonymous does not have rules. They have guidelines. Thank God (or whoever you prefer) for the decision not to set up rules for this self-help program. Speaking personally, I would have never engaged in a self help program, or made it in AA if there were rules. I have heard a lot of other members say the same thing. Rules of Alcoholics Anonymous: Well maybe one rule: The only requirement for AA membership is a … Read More

Connections in Recovery: A Key piece in sustaining sobriety

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Connections in Recovery: I am very fortunate to maintain positive connections in recovery. I recently receive two phone calls from clients,  both in the last couple days. One was from Angelina, who underwent an opiate home detox. And the other phone call was from Robert, who underwent an alcohol home detox. Their voices on the other side of the phone immediately told me they were doing well. We felt connected! Connections in Recovery: Angelina Angelina had just returned from traveling abroad. She knew of my last vice, caffeine, and she called to say she picked me up some coffee beans … Read More

Cigarettes, Marijuana, and Detox

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Cigarettes, Marijuana, and Detox Do you have to stop smoking cigarettes or stop smoking pot if you want to get clean or sober? Cigarettes A middle aged man, Randy, called Executive Home Detox for a Vicodin and SOMA detox. He had just left a second inpatient detox / rehab in as many days. He wanted to get off the drugs but couldn’t stop smoking… so he left rehab and called us. Marijuana A young adult, Joseph, was hooked on Oxycontin and Xanax. He agreed to get off Oxy’s and Z-bars but adamantly refused to stop smoking Pot and refused to … Read More

Lohan released early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety?

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Lohan Released Early: Good for sobriety or bad for sobriety? Lindsay Lohan is set to be released from Rehab early. She received a shortened jail sentence and is now released from a shorter than expected rehab stay. Many of my colleagues insist Lohan should have had to serve her full jail term and finish the fully assigned 90 day rehab stint. They argue that would be best for her sustained recovery. I’m not necessarily in agreement. Lohan has had long stints at rehab and she has continued to use substances in a destructive manner. Ninety day rehabs are great for … Read More