Dry mouth and alcohol

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Dry Mouth and Alcohol Dry mouth is often a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Yesterday I blogged about the first signs of alcohol withdrawal. The blog focused on craving and tremors. Another sign that may accompany craving and tremors may be a mouth that’s dry. Waking up in the morning or after a prolonged nap with a “cotton mouth” may be related to the amount of alcohol a person is consuming. This symptom and alcohol consumption are related. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly, a dentist, has blogged about this issue: “There are several causes of dry mouth. Drinking alcohol, especially in any … Read More

The first signs of alcohol withdrawal

Bill CarrickAlcohol Withdrawal

The First Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal can encompass many signs and symptoms. A full list of Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be found on the EHD site. But what are the first signs of alcohol withdrawal a person may experience? This blog will focus on two symptoms; Craving for a drink and hand tremors. Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal: Craving Craving for a drink: This symptom can sneak up on a person. A period of daily drinking over multiple days can eventually produce alcohol dependence. When the body becomes dependent on alcohol then the brain sends messages that encourages the … Read More