Home Detox for Women: Safe and Effective Treatment for Women Seeking Addiction Treatment

Women face serious barriers when they seek substance use treatment. EHD breaks down these barriers by providing a specially designed medical home detox for women and early recovery treatment for women who prefer privacy or convenience. These barriers include:
Barrier One: Stigma
Women are stigmatized more than men when they seek detoxification from alcohol or drugs. Members of society, including family, friends, and acquaintances may look down on a woman that has allowed herself to become dependent on alcohol or opioids. This is especially true if the woman is a mother or is pregnant. The fear of being unfairly judged often dissuades women from seeking treatment. Women often feel guilty about needing treatment and guilty about seeking treatment. These guilty feelings result in an increased likelihood of denial. EHD can help. EHD can orchestrate a home detox for women that meets their unique needs.
Barrier Two: The Expectation to be Home
Women are usually the primary managers of the home. This includes managing the household; from cleaning to cooking and everything in between. The message is clear “you are indispensable” to the home. Husbands, partners, and children do not want the manager of the home to leave. This pressure prevents many women from reaching out for help. Executive Home Detox supervises the medical home detox and assists other family members in understanding the limitations of the client during detoxification.
Barrier Three: Who’s Going to Take Care of the Children?
Most women are emotionally torn about leaving their children while they go away for treatment. They feel guilty even thinking about going away for treatment. EHD supports women who choose to seek treatment outside the home. For women who are unable to make this choice, EHD offers a viable alternative with executive home detox for women.
Barrier Four: Trauma History
Unfortunately, many women have experienced trauma in their lives. A number of women refuse to seek treatment in hospitals or stand-alone detox facilities because they have been traumatized in similar settings in the past. EHD allows the female client to remain in the comfort and familiar setting of her home. The stress level can be decreased with this unique treatment model.

Executive Home Detox for Women Case Studies