What Is Home Detox?

What is Home Detox? A Home Detox or In-Home Detox is an outpatient assisted medical detox for alcohol or drug dependence. Home Detox is an alternative to an inpatient alcohol or drug detox. EHD is the oldest “concierge” or “high-end” home detoxification program in the nation. For over a decade, EHD has provided a caring, competent, and private home-based detox experience in the comfort of the client’s home.

Types of Home Detox Models:

There are two types of Home Detoxification models:

  • The Immersive Model: 24/7 On-Site Supervision and Management: An on-site nurse or physician remains with the client at all times throughout the medical detoxification. EHD uses the Immersive Model and places a qualified RN on-site 24/7 for the safety and comfort of the client. **A Sober Companion or Nursing Assistant is not a qualified clinician able to assess the client’s condition during the in-home detox.
  • Periodic visitation: An initial assessment is completed, a plan of care is established, treatment is started, and the client receives a visit (hopefully from a licensed provider) once or twice a day.

EHD is a Fully Immersive Home Detox Model:

EHD is the first and oldest home detox treatment model to place one expert nurse in the home for the duration of the medical detox. Established in January of 2007; EHD continues to serve clients in their home throughout the United States.

One highly experienced nurse, expert in addictions and dependence, travels to the client and monitors the home detoxification. The nurse utilizes assessment skills such as the use of vital signs, pulse oximetry, and withdrawal scales to assure the client is treated in the manner their withdrawal symptoms require. The nurse is also expert in the use of detoxification medication and is in contact with the supervising physician whenever necessary.

An onsite nurse-based treatment model is ideal for clients who seek privacy, yet want a competent delivery of care. The expert nurse gets to know the client very well and uses the client’s strengths to help determine recommendations for an aftercare plan.

Reasons for a Home Detox:

There are a number of reasons to utilize a home detoxification treatment program for those dependent on alcohol or opiates:

  1. Privacy
  2. Convenience
  3. Control
  4. Familiar Surroundings
  5. Personal Physician Continuity
  6. Continued Business or Professional Access
  7. Access to Family or Significant Others
  8. Comfort