As Another Bill Sees it, Musings….

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Sobriety for an alcoholic or addict is not possible without healthy connections. Trust is a two-way street. We expect the person suffering from an addictive disease to be upfront about their use, to be truthful. We rarely ask ourselves, why should this person trust us to tell the truth? I believe most clients suffering from an active addictive disease have learned not to trust. I’m not saying it’s sensible, I’m just saying that’s the way it is. Vigilance is a word most often used in the context of recovery. “We have to be vigilant because a drink or a drug … Read More

Not Leaving Las Vegas

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The film starring Nicholas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas, about a chronic alcoholic who makes a decision to drink himself to death is a lasting impression about Las Vegas, Nevada and the futility of alcohol treatment. I’m not leaving Las Vegas, in fact I am going to Las Vegas! Going to Las Vegas to assist an individual with a private home detox, he has made a serious decision to change their life. Las Vegas is a land of dreams, opportunities, and temptations. More so than many communities in the United States. Temptations, including drugs and alcohol, often become the mainstream rather … Read More

Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

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Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms; Physical symptoms and emotional symptoms. A person dependent on alcohol will have physical withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms were pretty well covered in a previous post and we can revisit them. I wanted to talk about other symptoms that can be classified as either “physical” or “psychological”. When we make a decision to stop using alcohol or drugs, we often think willpower alone can support this decision. However, our brain may have other ideas about our decision to quit. Our brain has become wired to expect the alcohol or drugs. Our brain also has become accustomed to recognizing … Read More

A Lesson Learned

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Sandy was coming in again. She was being admitted to the dual diagnosis unit at the psychiatric hospital where I was employed. I knew Sandy well. She had thirty-eight (38) previous alcohol detoxes documented at this hospital. Thirty-Eight!! I made a choice that evening. I chose to give up on Sandy. She had not only let herself down. She had let down all the staff that had worked so diligently with her. She had let me down! I didn’t want to go through the disappointment again. I steeled my nerves. An hour later the ambulance wheeled Sandy onto our unit. … Read More

As Another Bill Sees it: Slips / Relapses

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It is rare for an alcoholic or drug abuser to maintain sobriety the first time they make the attempt. Bill Wilson speaks about this in the following quote. “”About this slip business — I would not be too discouraged. I think you are suffering a great deal from a needless guilt. For some reason or other, the Lord has laid out tougher paths for some of us, and I guess you are treading one of them. God is not asking us to be successful. He is only asking us to try to be. That, you surely are doing, and have … Read More

Hope for Everyone

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A well known actress has “tweeted” her fans to acknowledge she has failed a drug test, thus violating terms of probation. A well known celebrity has made a plea deal to avoid jail or prison time for her recent escapades in Las Vegas. In both these situations, I find hope. The actress, in her tweet, sounded like a more mature, more responsible, more accountable version of her previous public persona. Hope fully this came from the heart. Allegedly she is ready to take her “medicine”, meaning she will turn herself in and do more time. The celebrity has plead guilty … Read More