Oxycontin Home Detox

Oxycontin Home Detox:

Treatment for Dependence and Withdrawal

Oxycontin is a form of Oxycodone. It is a timed release tablet taken every 12 or 24 hours. The drug is often misused or abused by snorting the medication rather than ingesting it orally. The use of Oxycontin, or Oxy’s, often starts out as the legitimate use of a prescribed pain medication or it may start out as a seemingly innocent experimentation with someone else’s medication. Unfortunately, use can easily lead to dependence and addiction.

Clients who are dependent on Oxycontin will experience withdrawal if they stop the medication. Withdrawal from this opiate will be extremely uncomfortable and can result in continued use no matter how long you’ve taken it. An Oxycontin Home Detox is orchestrated using a variety of medically-managed programs.


Dependence results from continued use at prescribed levels. The body gets used to the Oxycontin and requires its continued use or withdrawal symptoms will occur. Many dependent patients do not like the way they feel on the drug and want to discontinue its use. A safe home detox is one alternative to stop using this opiate.


Addiction to Oxycontin is the illicit use of this prescribed medication. Addiction is similar to dependence, but there is the added component of taking more than is prescribed or engaging in negative behaviors to access and use the drug. So whether one is dependent or addicted, the result is often a need for a supervised medical detoxification. The most private, comfortable and convenient way to detox from addiction is at home with our supervised assistance.

Oxycontin Home Detox using Suboxone

Using Suboxone (Buprenorphine) is the standard for Oxycontin Home Detox. One-to-one nursing support can be helpful during the transition to Suboxone. The time range from the last dose of Oxycontin to the first dose of Suboxone can range from 16-32 hours.